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Closure Extended; "The Dojo will be here for you when the time is right"

Updated: Mar 1

“We are not quite there”: B.C. still not ready to ease restrictions, health officials say.

It has been a while since I have last communicated with you, and I hope that this thread finds you and your family all well and in good health. My family and I are all well and taking the safe approach in all we do. Even though the dojo has been closed eight months out of the last twelve, I have maintained my routines and have been keeping active, positive, and remaining busy keeping a heart beating in the dojo.

I am sure we are all anxious to have the dojo relaunch, but it does not seem like we are quite there yet. With the guidelines set out in Phase 2 by BC Health, our dojo will remain closed until further notice. We are now in our thirty-fourth year of teaching martial arts in our community, and for generations our kid's and adult classes have been taught with High-Intensity Interval Training. Our mission remains unchanged: To provide a safe, positive learning environment for our students so that they can to exert and channel their abundance of energy. Karate classes, and the incredible energy it provides is much needed now, and we know our students enjoy this immensely, but this is not the time, we must respect the order from Dr. Bonnie Henry. The safety and well-being of our instructors, students, and dojo families is our priority, and for that, we will remain closed.

I thank you for your patience and understanding and we will keep you updated.

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