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Congratulations Bavneet, and thank you

Hello Sensei,

Hope you are doing well.

I wanted to give you an update regarding my educational journey.

I was accepted into Medical School at the University of Melbourne out in Melbourne, Australia. I will graduate with my MD in 2027. The program is ranked #1 in Australia and is amongst the top 20 medical schools in the world. Im truly grateful for the opportunity to accomplish my dream.

This opportunity wouldn’t have happened without perseverance, consistency, discipline and a relentless pursuit of personal perfection throughout my undergraduate degree and various extracurricular endeavours. The foundation for which was laid during my Martial Arts Training from White belt all the way to Black belt.

I wanted to thank you and the dojo for your huge role in shaping who I am today from Grade 1 back in 2005 all the way to now. This Medical School acceptance wouldn’t have happened without you Sensei.

Thank you,


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