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"Consistently Doing My Best In Whatever I Do" - Sukhjiwan

I have gained knowledge, skills and lessons since starting my journey at the dojo. I've learned karate and I've learned how to keep myself in shape. Those things are important, but I've gained even more through the lessons I've learned, lessons that apply in all aspects of life. I've learned the importance of discipline, and how discipline is necessary to keep you consistent in accomplishing your goals, because you can only get so tar without it (discipline). I've gained leadership skills; I've learned the best way to lead or teach someone is through leading by example. Providing a clear way of doing something, rather than just telling someone what to do (I've learned that through helping teach classes). Another thing that I've gained since starting my journey at the dojo is high standards for myself. This self-accountability has helped me maintain good grades in school and has helped me maintain a level of fitness. Other things I've gained on my journey at the dojo is the right attitude, being a respectful person to others, and having the right mindset for myself in anything. Not just "trying" my best at something, but taking initiative and doing my best. I've gained the right mindset.

Some challenges I've faced include staying consistent with what I'm doing whether it's school, karate or fitness. The reason being, staying consistent is difficult, it requires hard work, but that is what is needed to accomplish goals so that is what's done. Some Days I may feel like I should take a break or "do this instead of that", but I must hold myself accountable and stick to my goal, and it's simple as that. It's a challenge but I must face it and that's what I do.

Some highlights I've had at the dojo are being able to help progress others and having others help progress me. Some achievements include being able to help progress a group of students up a couple belt ranks. Another achievement for me was being able to go from blue belt straight to brown belt.

I have a couple future goals, my immediate goal being to do well at the upcoming grading. I will accomplish this by training with the right attitude and mindset.

, and always striving to be better every time I train. This mindset applies everywhere in my life also, whether it's school or karate. I plan on facing the grading head on. Another goal I have is to finish the school year with A's in all my classes (one semester is already done, I have one more to go, and everything is going well). I will do this by following the mindset I've mentioned before. Another goal I have is to achieve black belt at the dojo eventually ( this will be done, as I've mentioned before, by sticking to the right mindset). One last goal I have ,at the time being, is to be able to do 20 pull ups in a row by the end of summer. I have gained and learned many lessons, faced challenges, and have had highlights and achievements on my journey at the dojo.


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