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"Pushing Through To Be Your Absolute Best"

We all need a goal, and Pawan met his losing over one hundred pounds. His enjoyment of life has improved ten fold. Read on: "Hey Sensei! Just wrapped up an amazing class, intensity was high and we didn’t hold back at all! Below are some screenshots of the data on my phone that tracked my daily walking + run distance during this time. Keep in mind, this is only on my phone, and doesn’t not account for the often 2-4 hours of basketball I would play about 2-3 times a week. I figured you deserved to hear this as I didn’t give u the clearest explanation of what a grueling process it was, yet you were such a big part of it... I would often go on 10 KM walks with 50 pounds in a back pack along side these walks. I made sure I never missed a meal and was eating according to the plan I had created after doing research along the way...It was brutal but it made me who I am today and made me much better...Those classes when I was 13-14 and you wouldn’t let me make excuses is what allowed for this entire process happened. I am forever grateful for those days, as they are the foundation of what started this process. Pushing through it to be your absolute best, and never settling for ANYTHING less."

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