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Jamie's Story Of Accomplishment Is A Testament That Hard Work Breeds Success.

Hello Sensei, I hope all is going well for you back in BC! It's been almost 8 weeks since I left for Quebec and I only have 3 more weeks of training left before I become a Private (Basic). I am doing very well here in many aspects but excelling in physical training and forced pace ruck marching. I feel a lot of my success has to do with the training and guidance you provided through my years of training at the dojo. My mental resiliency is impress candidates and instructors alike. At the time of training I did not realize the impact that the hard drills, constant kata and nonstop working out would have on my career. When I got to basic training I was 215 pounds and have dropped down to 193! Always exercising and eating healthy has made me feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. I want to thank you for the discipline you instilled in me and to let you know that my success here is a testament to the training you provided.

Thank you (recruit) Jamie Schellenberg

P.S. all the best to Jacob in his recovery. Attached are pictures from my fourth week of training and I will send some more as I am now sporting a badge on my beret for being certified in drill!

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